How User Friendly Is Cormant-CS, Really?

As a newby to the DCIM industry and a recent onboard as a Cormant Software Solutions Consultant, I am honored to have the opportunity to share my experience learning and applying the Cormant-CS software solution to my first project à Document the Cormant HQ Office in San Luis Obispo, CA using the Cormant-CS software solution with approximately 14 days of experience under my belt.

Now, I believe I weigh heavy on the analytical side and have a keen ability to utilize my resources efficiently when tasked with a complex project in a professionally unchartered industry. With a busy Q4 wrapping up, I was introduced to the Cormant-CS Web and Client via the robust User and Admin/Config Training Manuals, given login credentials and a go-ahead to get started!

Let’s first step back and understand the limited level of my experience and knowledge in the DCIM industry and how I was able to balance that with my extensive experience in SaaS, technical sales, software applications training, complex implementation planning, functional engagement and end user documentation.  By further operating with a methodical mind and a process oriented approach, I was able to piece together the puzzle of unknowns and could “phone a friend” when needing a resource. I analyzed samples of the Cormant-CS Client and Web to build my custom asset tree on the Cormant-CS Web and started my DCIM journey of documenting IT infrastructure, learning how to create a hierarchy of organization, learning to identify unknown components by being proactive and curious, and understanding what devices can be connected to what, many learned through well versed error message pop ups in the programs workflow.  The Client facing side of the software program allowed me to master template creation feature, easily adding subcomponents and building attributes to customize the available options for completing my project, though much of the Cormant-CS Client has now moved to the Web.  The latest version release, v9.1 has almost removed the desktop client entirely.

I’ll admit I ran into many challenges yet the Cormant-CS software is streamlined in such a way that a new user can easily follow the bouncing ball to understand the processes involved in making the necessary, methodical changes to continue the documentation and organizational process. I used a mix of the handheld device, the web and desktop client application, to fully document the Cormant office.  The handheld made tracking the inventory of racks, switches, patch panels, servers and other office components simple through the rich mobile application and barcode reading feature.  I wrapped up the project with a lesson on connections, making cable and power connections not only within the web application but also via the handheld with ease and fulfilling short cuts.

I was also able to configure reports on the CS Web to determine which assets/components were missing barcodes to better complete and log my asset tree. The handheld device was a fluid mirror of what I saw on the CS Web platform and the convenience and security of having that device in my “data center” was second to none.

In short, this was not only a DCIM exercise but also demonstrated how Cormant-CS is able to work in campus type environments to document office and multiple building campus environments.

I further was able to intuitively created new user profiles and permissions on the Admin side and custom tailor my landing page at login, which I found very handy.

In conclusion, the software suite is extremely user friendly and intuitive.  The UI is simple and feature rich with the training manuals and coordinating exercises being very educational to a new user who is onboarding with the Cormant-CS software solution.  As a result, I was able to document the entire office IT infrastructure using practical application to not only manage the configuration but also document at such detail that any new future change needed could be easily tracked, recorded and updated with ease. If you look closely, you will find that I was able to document the office components and related connections all the way down to a Christmas cookie tin in the lobby area.  For the record, they are shortbread.

By: Irina Astrom

Software Solutions Consultant, Cormant