Every stage of your DCIM journey is important to its success. Whether you’re just getting started or are expanding your Cormant-CS use, the experts at Cormant provide the services and experience required to achieve that success wherever you are in the world.

Our Services

DCIM is a journey and Cormant is available to help continue your DCIM success with ongoing services for your next stage of deployment.


We’ve done DCIM since before it was called “DCIM”. Leverage our deep industry knowledge and extensive experience to build the right plan, execute that plan, and deliver new benefits to your sites.


The Cormant tried-and-trusted, six-step implementation process will quickly bring your site up-to-speed in Cormant-CS like we’ve done for hundreds of companies like you.


Cormant provides the training tools needed for DCIM success. Learn from a variety of our resources in a way that best fits your style of learning, on-site or remotely. Courses are available for novice as well as experienced users.

Proof of Concept

Cormant likes to view each POC as a mini deployment where Cormant best practices for project deployment are followed and the end user understands how the project is prepared and deployed.

Site Audits

The true power of DCIM stems from a foundation of accurate data. Cormant can update your current data imports with a full site audit providing an accurate inventory of all your layer 1 assets.


Cormant-CS doesn’t act as a silo. It’s built with an open API so it can easily communicate with all your other data center and campus systems providing a complete view of all your IT infrastructure.

Let’s get started on your DCIM project together.​

Whether it’s your first step or are farther along in your DCIM journey, let us know how we can help. As always, with Cormant, business is personal.