IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Cormant-CS IT asset management ensures that the physical infrastructure is managed effectively. Companies are demanding “more-from-less” of their IT asset teams, and in large organizations, the amount of technology equipment can be immense. To successfully manage IT assets, precise physical records are mandatory. Cormant-CS not only improves data visibility and accuracy but also provides the means to keep the data accurate. As a part of the overall, affordable, data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution, Cormant-CS IT asset management can improve your change management processes and asset management decision-making ability.

Asset Life Cycle

Designed to assist in the complete asset management process, from receiving new equipment, through deployment, to end-of-life. Utilizing mobile interfaces and RFID/barcode identification, new equipment is scanned into inventory and, as it is deployed, is rescanned to its new location. Because Cormant-CS data is accurate users trust it and will use the data for planning change. Every change to an asset or its data is recorded historically.

Asset Configuration

Cormant-CS supports completely configurable asset templates and attributes. An integrated icons database ensures that any asset can be represented. Each item’s attributes can be presented to the user each time equipment is added or updated. As the equipment is deployed, it can be assigned to both a user and a physical location, tying assets to a person for control purposes.

Centralized Management

Cormant-CS is highly scalable to manage millions of assets. This means that a single Cormant-CS instance can support an entire enterprise by providing central visibility of asset classes across the enterprise and the globe.

Cross Functional Data

Groups like IT and facilities management, network administrators, support desk, and audit/compliance teams can all use the data in Cormant-CS to improve their efficiency.


The Cormant-CS mobile solutions provide a strong auditing function, ensuring all records are accurate by corroborating records against the actual deployment. Cormant-CS can tie SNMP/WMI discovery and tracking to the physical records and provide alerts if discrepancies arise.


With the Cormant-CS system, it is easy to consolidate multiple information sources such as asset, location, power, ownership, support, connectivity, floor plan, historical, and configuration information into one centralized database.

Change Management

Includes a work-flow and change planning and management module.

Cormant-EDIS (External Data Integration Service)

No System Stands Alone.

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