DCIM and Beyond

Visibility of IT infrastructure for Data Centers (DCIM) and Campuses

DCIM and Beyond

Visibility of IT infrastructure for Data Centers (DCIM) and Campuses

Cormant-CS DCIM

Delivers unmatched functionality, intuitive ease of use, and rapid return on investment.

Unmatched Mobility

Online or Offline access with any modern device. Supports Android-based barcode scanners.

Secure API

SOAP and RESTful API with a middleware for implementation of bi-direction data exchange

Cormant guarantees a flat cost for your DCIM deployment, and money back if you are unsatisfied

The Cormant-CS Solution to Data Center and Campus Infrastructure Management

Cormant has been helping companies and government agencies gain control of their IT infrastructure since 2001.

Cormant-CS is a complete Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) / IT Infrastructure Management (ITIM) system and is recognized by all major analyst firms including Gartner, 451, IDC, Forrester and OVUM.

Why Choose Us

DCIM Success

The Cormant-CS DCIM solution manages the entire IT Infrastructure, including facilities, equipment, network paths, power and environmental data.


It’s your DCIM tool, that’s why Cormant-CS is completely configurable and vendor neutral. Easily configure or advance functionality as needed.

Asset and Connectivity

Cormant-CS’s asset and connectivity tracking ensure every asset is recorded and any type of connection, power or data, is managed no matter how complex.


From plug-and-play offerings for your CMDB, BMS, and more to an open API for integrations with any system. The options are endless.

Ease of Use

Our intuitive interface is seamless across platforms and provides the structure and the tools, such as mobility, to ensure a smooth transition.

Trusted Data

Combining mobility and configurability means data you can trust. Capacity planning and change management is easier with Cormant-CS’s workflow, what-ifs, and alerts.

About Cormant and Cormant-CS

With over 300 customers – some who have been using Cormant-CS since 2003 – on 5 continents, spanning almost all industry types and ranging in size from over one million assets to as little as one thousand, we know what needs to happen for real long term DCIM/ITIM success.


Profitable Years for Cormant

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Customer Testimonials

"We found Cormant-CS to be feature rich, with enough configuration to allow us to store exactly the data we needed and to use the processes that were most important to us. The system’s ease of use and mobility meant we knew we could roll this out to our teams and they would use it. This has proved to be the case and multiple teams now ‘self-serve’ using the Cormant-CS web."
Mike Alexander
Implementation Manager in Data Center Facility Engineering, McKesson
"The inclusion of Cormant-CS (formerly CableSolve) in the select list of companies delivering the InteropNet has provided valuable and unique insight into our assets, configuration, connectivity and environmental position."
Glenn Evans
Lead Network Engineer, Interop Las Vegas and New York (UBM-TechWeb)
"Carleton University’s infrastructure is akin to a small city and it is important to manage the cable plant, Cormant-CS (formerly CableSolve) delivers a physical layer tool to accomplish this"
Denis Levesque
CIO, Carleton University

Our Amazing Clients

Over the years Cormant has gained an impressive roster of customers across multiple industries and across the globe.