What I Have Come to Understand About DCIM

A personal note from Steve Allegretti.

2017 was another learning year for me in the world of DCIM.   All of the private companies I spoke with last year had the same basic challenges of:

  • Optimizing Asset Management
  • Efficiently Monitoring Power and Environmental Factors
  • Creating Relevant Alerts
  • Change Management Best Practices
  • Streamlining Report Functionality

Companies overall goals were the reduction of risk and cost. Of course, each company has their own unique requirements as well, on the data elements they want to store and the reporting they want to define. Lack of budget, deployment concerns and not enough ROI is what generally holds companies back from taking advantage of DCIM’s benefits.

Companies that did elect to purchase the Cormant solution in 2017 were able to not only meet the above challenges but were able to go above and beyond their expectations with our solution. We offer proven customized implementation services for a smooth deployment.  We even had a customer that did their own implementation, showcasing the conclusion that the Cormant solution is really that easy for an end user.

The Cormant-CS DCIM solution is also highly configurable, capable of delivering numerous benefits and value when managing IT and facility assets as well as layer 1 connectivity. The streamlined interface allows for minimal training – though recommended – and requires no vendor assistance for upgrade.  With all features being point and click, the Cormant-CS DCIM solution has proven #1 in the industry for 2017. I can’t wait to dive into 2018.

Happy New Year!