Consulting for DCIM / ITIM / ITAM / IDCM

Cormant uses its deep industry knowledge, and extensive experience, to help you build, execute, and maintain the plan and deliver new benefits.

Further Site Implementation

The Cormant six-step implementation process will quickly bring your next site up-to-speed in Cormant-CS.

Functionality Advancement

Ready to use more features in Cormant-CS? We can help decide which features best align with your goals to get you the most benefit from Cormant-CS.

Seamless Systems Integration

Integrate with external systems such as your BMS, NMS, CMDB, and many more. There hasn’t been a system with which Cormant-CS couldn’t integrate.

Custom Configuration

Development of internal processes, specific business requirements, Workflow requirements and automation, and actionable, easy-to-read dashboards and reports.

Additional Help With Any Stage Of Your DCIM Journey.

Talk to an expert.

Cormant’s dedicated staff can help tailor the right package of software and services for you and will then deliver a fully implemented solution to your enterprise.