Cormant Live from the GSA DCOI Summit

Brad Beamish, Director of Professional Services, shares his experience.

“I attended the first ever GSA DCOI summit held in Washington DC on November 20th, 2017 with my colleague, Steve Allegretti. We personally attended this trade show to offer live DCIM and DCOI expertise, as well as, in-person demonstrations of Cormant-CS to the many US Federal Agencies seeking the fastest path to DCOI Reporting.

At Cormant we were the first DCIM vendor to provide all DCOI metrics as an out of the box solution and at no additional cost to the agency purchasing the Cormant-CS DCIM system. I’m not absolutely sure, but I still think that is true today.

While space was pretty tight at the show, Steve and I had a full, live touch-screen demonstration of Cormant-CS along with a robust suite of reference materials, including an explanation of our DCOI capabilities  and a very impressive case study from our customer the U.S. Senate.

Our in-person demonstrations featured the latest web base version of Cormant-CS loaded with live data to showcase the DCOI data collection, calculations, analytics, dashboards and reporting available to all Federal Agencies for DCOI metrics reporting.

We spoke with a number of Federal Agencies and are continuing these conversations now that we are back in the office and recovering from a large Thanksgiving meal.

Steve and I, and the rest of the Cormant team, are available to consult with any Federal Agency to discuss the fastest path to DCOI reporting as well as how Cormant can be your trusted advisor on DCIM deployment and operations.”

Click here to learn more about Cormant-CS and to schedule a demonstration.

This link to the GSA website provides background to DCOI.