Licensing Methodology

Licensing Methodology

Cormant-CS licenses are sized based on the number of assets being managed in the database.  Cormant-CS Asset licenses offer superior value to end-users by ensuring lightly populated rooms and cabinets consume fewer asset licenses.

In general, each component to be added into the data base would count as an asset. The greater the quantity of assets purchased, the lower the price per asset will be.

An Asset for licensing purposes would include:

The following exceptions do not count as assets for licensing purposes:

Cormant has found an industry average of 20 to 25 assets per rack in the Data Center space.

Asset licenses start at 500 assets. After the initial purchase, Additional asset licenses for Cormant-CS can be purchased at any time and are priced at the difference between the currently licensed asset count and the desired count.

Cormant offers right-sized licenses for small and medium businesses, and has bundled some offerings to lower the barrier of entry to DCIM for these customers.  See Start Pack offerings (Link)

Cormant also offers full unlimited asset enterprise licensing for customer who prefer this licensing method.

Talk about your DCIM project. Let us give you a quote for your number of assets or rack.

Cormant’s dedicated staff can help tailor the right package of software and services for you and will then deliver a fully implemented solution to your enterprise.