Cormant-CS is the data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution for all data centers including owned, co-lo, and edge data centers and beyond (cable plant management, campus, etc.).

Data Analytics Customer Case Study

A case study on the implementation and deployment of Cormant-CS on an American-based data analytics...

US Senate Case Study

The US Senate technology group uses Cormant-CS DCIM as the single source of truth for all data center...

Woodland Park Zoo Case Study

Woodland Park Zoo is an expansive 92-acre botanical setting housing more than 1,200 animals...

Cormant’s December 2012 Study On DCIM Adoption & Implementation Barriers

Cormant-CS Infrastructure Management Vs Active Patch Panels

The Need For Connectivity Management As Part Of A DCIM Environment

A DCIM Solution

Capacity Management

Connectivity Management


Ensuring a Successful DCIM Project


Why Aren't You Using DCIM?


Cormant Barcode Labeling Best Practices

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