Cormant DCIM Summary

Powerful, Easy to use, Web, Tablet, Phone, App Interface

  • Web user interface, optimized versions for large and mobile screen access.
  • Fast access from remote sites.
  • Intuitive navigation for all users, no DCIM degree needed.

Full Equipment Life Cycle Management

  • Life cycle support from dock to decommission, including ordered equipment.
  • Spares are located in seconds when needed, and work order planning suggests equipment to use.
  • Synchronization to CMDB and financial systems fully supported.

Mobility of data. Online and Offline, since 2003

  • Mobile optimized online access over 4G and Wi-Fi.
  • Synchronized offline support on Android is included where online access is not allowed.
  • Record Change in the field as the change occurs in the fastest most accurate way possible.
  • Mobility includes barcode and RFID scanning to locate any asset and make a change as simple as a scan of a barcode.

Dynamic Power and Environmental Management

  • Sum power to breakers and UPS, create alerts when thresholds reached.
  • Full long-term historical trending data for power and environmental data.
  • Map physical changes to equipment, to power and environmental data changes.

Scripted Automation

  • Automated actions are taken on detected events or thresholds.
  • Scripting is used to start or stop external services, change data or generate alerts.
  • Automation includes push or pull to external systems.

Connectivity Management

  • Cormant-CS supports all types of power and data connectivity, including MPO.
  • Automated channel and load management ensures compliance.
  • Connection redundancy analysis shows where equipment might be at risk.

Facility Views & Rack Views

  • View maps from the campus to a single room or data center hall.
  • 2D and 3D rack and data center plans are automatically updated based on data in the system.
  • Color coding shows user defined threshold and alert conditions.

Change Management Workflow Engine and Interface

  • Cormant-CS includes a full Workflow management system for planning and executing change
  • Workflow includes a blog engine and attachments to provide a fully collaborative (remote) work-space when planning change.
  • Workflow supports connections to enterprise ticket systems for two way data exchange.

Network Query and Discovery

  • Queried data remote devices and external is stored as required on devices and provides real-time and historical views.
  • Discovery of equipment includes automatic linking options and updates.
  • Queries support multi-protocol and scripted options, including external DLL plugs in for proprietary system access.


  • Alerting is configurable to meet each locations requirements.
  • Alerts support subscriptions for immediate or digest push.
  • Alert dashboard widgets are designed for NOC walls and are visualized on plan and rack views


  • Cormant-CS includes a full configurable audit module and displays actual vs. recorded data.
  • Cormant-CS audit tools provide external auditors, government and regulatory bodies proof of compliance without affecting current data.
  • All changes in Cormant-CS are logged in read-only database logs for audit reporting.

Configurable to Exactly Meet Requirements

  • Cormant-CS supports a full, open point and click configuration, which is maintained over version upgrades.
  • Nothing is locked and equipment can be configured with 5 or 500 data points.
  • Data can be imported, entered, discovered or queried.

Bulk import, Export, Updates.

  • Getting started with Cormant DCIM is fast, with simple, straightforward imports.
  • Imports are supported to bulk update existing records.
  • All data can be exported in multiple formats.

Integration, APIs, SNMP, ITIL Systems

  • Cormant-CS includes open, documented SOAP and RESTful APIs.
  • The Cormant scripting engine supports external integration for simple one- or two-way data exchange.
  • For complex integration Cormant-EDIS integrates with Cormant-CS to support complex point and click two-way synchronization of CMDB and change data.

Reporting Engine for point in time and Historical Data

  • A powerful, easy to use report writer is part of Cormant-CS.
  • Many out-of-the-box reports are provided and these maybe used as the basis for custom reporting.
  • Any data can be stored historically and then presented as a graphical result.

Capacity Optimization, Analytics & Custom Dashboard Widgets

  • Custom dashboard widgets are created from user data, including point in time and historical data.
  • Capacity views of the facility are user definable and are created from any data or script.
  • Analytics show at risk equipment, and analysis is used as part of workflow to optimize equipment placement.

Powerful Search

  • Anything is searchable. From a serial number, to a multi-dimensional search criterion.
  • Complex saved searches save time and can be shared.
  • Search results are viewed as a spreadsheet in Cormant-CS for familiar multi-row editing of data.

Scripting EnginE

  • A built-in scripting engine ensures Cormant-CS functionality is not limited to what is delivered by Cormant.
  • Scripts can add functionality, automate actions and capture additional data.
  • Scripting manages the reality of complex, multi-site data centers where data from legacy and modern equipment needs to be consolidated.

Management of Equipment across owned, co-location and edge data centers

  • Cormant-CS deliver a consolidated database, designed to work across multiple sites and is globally scalable.
  • The intuitive user interface, multi-layered security and mobility ensure smart hands keep remote site records updated.
  • A single global view, including spare equipment, ensures efficient visibility, planning and control.

Cloud Connectivity

  • Cormant-CS presents visibility into cloud computing, including hosted virtual machines and cloud computing.
  • Views of capacity over time, decommissioned virtual servers and loads help ensure the most cost-effective use of hybrid physical and cloud data centers.
  • Workflow tracks the movement of load from on-premise to Cloud and back again.

Campus and Enterprise IM

  • Cormant-CS has supported campuses and other enterprise infrastructure since 2003.
  • Large offices, university and medical campuses and tel-co environments are all supported.
  • Cormant includes specific support for campus environments, including conduit support and outlet and peripheral equipment management to any level.
  • Full documentation of horizontal and vertical cable plant across multiple sites.
  • Documentation of IP security and Access Control assets and connections
  • Support for IoT and other campus deployed assets including Wireless AP, Digital Signage and smart lighting

Co-Location Vendor Support

  • Cormant-CS enables power and phase load tracking, including per-tenant, multi-site KWh capture and reporting.
  • Lease space data can be presented to show free, reserved, leased and expiring space.
  • Co-location providers use Cormant-CS to offer value-add management services and portal views to a customer’s data.

Security Built in

  • UI security support for role, function, location, equipment, and data point.
  • Build on modern technology, fully supporting database encryption and TLS 1.2 communication.
  • AD/LDAP SSO and OAuth authentication.

Services for Success

  • Cormant has developed a Cormant-CS implementation methodology over the past 17 years to guarantee DCIM success.
  • Cormant and partners offer a complete suite of services, including system configuration, data migration and site audits.
  • Multiple training courses are available, from end-user training to advanced courses for customers who want to implement Cormant-CS entirely by themselves.
  • Touchless Project & Training delivery using web conferencing and cloud-based collaboration tools.

Global In-House Support 24 hours a Day

  • Cormant support is 100% in-house, employee provided support.
  • Support is accessed via IM, phone, email and web.
  • Support is managed to published SLA.

Simple Licensing

  • Cormant-CS is simply licensed by the amount of infrastructure managed.
  • No additional modules to purchase.
  • No per-site, data point, site or any other type of licensing is required.
  • Unlimited Users and devices to encourage collaboration

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