Site Audits and Validation

Many projects begin with a customer supplied set of records, and in most cases, these records are not 100% accurate.

These existing records provide a great starting place for DCIM projects as Cormant-CS’s bulk upload feature allows for all the existing records to be quickly imported.

True Power Of DCIM

The true power of DCIM stems from a foundation of accurate data and complete trust in the accuracy of the DCIM records. Physical validation of the imported data is crucial to this data accuracy.

Cormant Mobility

Cormant mobility allows users to view all the infrastructure records on mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops. This mobility means that records are validated and updated in the field while in front of the rack and observing the ultimate source of truth, reality.

Asset Validation And Audits

Cormant provides professional services to complete Asset Validation and Audits on the customer premise as required. Cormant can provide full turnkey project pricing for asset audits and validations.

Consulting Services

Cormant will also supply right-sized consulting services for customers who wish/need to completed the validations and audits using internal resources. Among the most popular services is a Cormant Mentorship where a Cormant Consultant will go to the customer site to work with key customer resources.

Contact Cormant for a personal evaluation of your needs and tailored live product demonstration.

Cormant’s dedicated staff can help tailor the right package of software and services for you and will then deliver a fully implemented solution to your enterprise.