Proof Of Concept

Cormant will fully support evaluation instances or Proof of Concept instances of Cormant-CS

Cormant likes to view each POC as a mini deployment where Cormant best practices for project deployment are followed and the end user understands how the project is prepared and deployed.  This allows the POC to transition in to a production instance with resources ready to expand their knowledge beyond the confines of a POC.

Cormant will take an active role in the POC evaluation by potential customers.

Cormant’s view is that POC evaluations require a number of components to be successful, these components include:

Customer Supplied Data Staged Within The POC.

Cormant POC’s include an initial kick off call where the process of staging the supplied data and other basic training is delivered.

Cormant typically supplies stand-alone cloud instances for the POC.  The POC server is not shared with other prospects and is dedicated to being use by the potential customer during the POC.  These cloud instances are easy to access and can be quickly deployed upon request.  On premise evaluation licenses can also be made available if required.