Infrastructure Monitoring

Cormant-CS removes the walls of silos in your data centers and campuses with its ability to push and/or pull information from a variety of systems, simply and easily using the built-in scripting in Cormant-CS.

Cormant provides multiple methods to support integration from a simple script or scheduled export, through pre-tested plug-in integration modules to partnerships with third-party vendors of equipment and software.

Open APIs

As part of every Cormant-CS installation are two secure industry-standard APIs (SOAP and RESTful) that allow Cormant-CS to exchange data with other enterprise systems.

While Cormant provides many integrations, the APIs enable customers to build interfaces to in-house systems to exchange any Cormant-CS data. 

Monitoring Integration

The value of Cormant-CS DCIM is enhanced with external data. For many customers, this starts with power and environmental data from rack PDU/CDU devices, providing real-time views of rack capacity. Captured and any other rack capacity data can be stored and viewed historically.

Cormant-CS comes with a built-in scripting engine including SNMP and XML libraries. Cormant maintains a library of popular query scripts that are ready to go out-of-the-box.

Current out-of-the-box scripts exist for multiple brands of smart PDUs, environmental sensors, wireless devices, UPSs and rack security monitoring systems. Cormant can also deliver integration to capture data from virtual machine environments, AWS cloud instances, BMS, Financial systems, switches, server and storage. For more complex two-way integrations to ITIL CMDB type solutions, see our Cormant-EDIS solution. Scripts also exist for internal data aggregation, including power, thermal, PUE, DCSE and other efficiency metrics, all customizable.

The built-in scripting engine provides great flexibility when gathering external data or developing a custom metric to measure the data center efficiency. The scripting engine is fully open, and customers can write additional scripts.

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For assistance with your integration or interface needs, the Cormant integration experts can help get your systems talking with our growing list of integration connectors and custom integrations. For a printable version of our Integrations information, please click HERE.