CMDB & ITSM Integration

At Cormant, we recognize that data within the Cormant-CS DCIM solution is of most value when it can be exchanged with external systems. That’s why we offer the Cormant-EDIS (External Data Integration Service) platform. The Cormant-EDIS solution provides a plug-in framework for complex one or two-way interfaces. A key benefit of this framework is a lower cost of interface delivery, increasing the ROI of Cormant-CS DCIM. Cormant-CS comes with two industry-standard API (SOAP and RESTful) that allows our software to exchange data with other enterprise systems, like ServiceNow, Remedy,, VMware API to name a few.

Integrate ITSM


Workflow Change Management

Custom Data Mapping & Filter Rules

Multiple Synchronization Profiles​

Conflict Management

Cormant-EDIS is architected to support a distributed model separating the synchronization service from the application.

While Cormant-EDIS is a separate application to Cormant-CS, it uses a plug-in model to present to the user as an additional tab in Cormant-CS. All records support Cormant-CS configuration and zonal permissions when displaying data.

Simple Synchronization: For simpler synchronization requirements, no external solution is required and the Cormant-CS built-in scripting language supports multiple synchronization options.


Tell us your current enterprise system and we'll show you how to exchange data with Cormant-CS.

Cormant’s dedicated staff can help tailor the right package of software and services for you and will then deliver a fully implemented solution to your enterprise.