DCOI Metrics

Cormant-CS is an industry-leading Data Center Infrastructure Management Solution with a global track record of successful deployments dating back to 2003.  Cormant-CS provides a full set of DCOI data points at the server, rack, data center and agency level, along with queries, calculations, roll up, reporting and dashboard widgets. The Cormant-CS DCOI package includes predefined goals that are used to track progress against the current federal standards.

Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI)​

Energy Metering

  • Automatically identifies cabinets with power metering and collects power data.
  • As more racks are deployed they are automatically included.
  • Usable and gross floor area metering calculations are delivered.
  • Hierarchical roll-up of location data to the agency level is automatic.

Facility Utilization

  • Support for all facilities spaces where IT assets are present including data centers, edge compute closets, termination rooms, labs and all other spaces.
  • Mobility, Workflow and multi-site support makes planning and executing consolidation straight forward and transparent.
  • Automatically accounts for newly added or removed racks in the calculation.
  • All data is tracked historically.

Power Use Effectiveness

  • Data for PUE calculations can be captured from multiple sources.
  • Proxy data for live power actual can be used as required to ensure every site can provide a metric.
  • Historical Reporting to show progress towards the DCOI goals over time.


  • Data is queried automatically from multiple virtualization managers such as VMWare ESX.
  • As new physical servers are deployed, virtualization statistics are automatically collected.
  • Allows for the physical context of the virtual infrastructure for dependency mapping.
  • Manual update of virtual server counts is supported where required.

Automated Monitoring & Server Utilization

  • Cormant-CS collects data directly from servers or a consolidated data point.
  • Utilization Data is available for physical and virtual servers.
  • A new server deployment using Cormant-CS will automatically start monitoring.
  • Data center views with color-coded racks will show progress to target.

Sample DCOI Comparison Summary Report