Fixed Price Projects

Director of Professional Services, Brad Beamish, discusses Cormant’s Guaranteed Price Project Solution.

To reduce the perception customers have that DCIM deployments are complex, uncertain and excessively long Cormant has been quoting many DCIM deployment projects recently with guaranteed pricing.

Don’t get me wrong, DCIM projects can still be complex to fully deploy and integrate with other stakeholder systems but the way a project is priced and executed does not need to reflect theses complexities.

In order to generate guaranteed pricing, Cormant needs to understand and gather the following:

Cabinet Count – Get a total cabinet count with an idea about asset density within those cabinets.
A basic understanding of the current state of the customer’s records and current documentation practices, if any exist.
The Why? – What are the top priorities or driving forces behind looking at DCIM. Where is the pain and disconnect?
Resources – What portions of the work plan will be delivered and by whom? Cormant can turnkey deliver all portions of a project, but some customers want to work with Cormant initially and then take over operations and deployment tasks after training and mentorship. When I am planning a project for a customer, I want them to understand what their effort will be and can then tailor a proposal that reflects their unique needs.
With discussions on the topics above completed, Cormant is able to offer Guaranteed Project pricing based on an agreed to bill of materials that reflects the customers size, current state, DCIM priorities and resource availability. We will guarantee the price won’t change for the scope agreed. One of the reasons we can do this is the Cormant-CS software solution is very easy to use and has extremely flexable configuration and import capabilities, ensuring we can import any organizations data quickly and completely.

We often suggest a phased approach with some achievable and early wins built into each project. For example, a Phase I approach where all existing records are liberated from their individual spreadsheets, Visio and AutoCAD silos and made available to all. Add to that the ability to reference and update records on mobile devices with barcode scans and we are light years away from spreadsheets all while reducing the complexity of the day to day operations. These early wins will ensure the acceptance of people backing the project as the operational efficiencies become self-evident.

Cormant can quote a fixed price for your organizations DCIM project to ensure you achieve DCIM success. To live chat with one of our DCIM Project consultants today, simply click the LIVE CHAT button to the right of your screen or click HERE to Contact Us Now.