Cormant-CS Announces Monthly Webinars

Spreadsheets to DCIM in 20 Minutes, is the first in a series of live, web based information sessions presented by Cormant Inc., the developers of Cormant-CS.  This information session reviews how customers can get instant value from their existing spreadsheet records by importing these records into Cormant-CS.  This session covers topics such as:

  • Reviewing typical spreadsheet records
  • Examining the normalization process
  • Performing asset data imports into Cormant-CS
  • Adding the imported racks to the plan in Cormant-CS
  • Creating user-defined reports
  • Visualization of data on Dashboards

These sessions are limited to 20 attendees. To receive an invitation, please contact our Corporate Sales and Marketing department at  or enter your request to attend the next monthly webinar on our Contact Us feature.

Next Month’s Topic:

September 2018 | “Managing Intelligent PDU’s from Multiple Vendors All In Cormant-CS”