Cormant-CS DCIM Solves MPO Management Headaches

New MPO connection management shifts visibility and  organization of all connections back to the manager’s control.

Multiple MPO Connectors

San Luis Obispo, Calif., USA – (June 4, 2015) – Cormant, Inc., a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) pure-play expert, now provides extensive documentation support for managing complex MPO (Multifiber Push-On) connectors, including MPO hydra cables, within its leading Cormant-CS DCIM software solution. The new, seamless functionality allows data center operations staff to quickly designate an array of sub-channels in high density fiber environments, addressing the increasing difficulty of MPO change management and staff time.

MPO connection points have moved from simple ‘back of the rack’ connectivity to multiple server, network and panel connection types, including LC breakout and consolidation options. This is causing headaches for managers attempting to track and manage channels and capacity within this new, complex connectivity type.

“We are excited to offer the most complete end-to-end and mobile way of managing MPO connectors in our DCIM solution,” said Brad Beamish, Senior Technical Consultant for Cormant. “Spreadsheets are incapable of handling the complexity of MPO connectors that have six to twenty-four times the regular number of pathways. The Cormant-CS MPO documentation capabilities provide indispensable time-saving benefits to help customers manage a more efficient data center.”

Cormant-CS’s novel MPO tracking functionality offers visual pathway documentation to plan connectivity changes, manage capacity on fan-outs, provide visibility to pairs on patch panels, and quickly troubleshoot connectivity errors. The introduction of a wide variety of cables and scenarios, such as hydra cables, MPO to LC breakout cables, devices with built-in MPO ports, and multiple intermediate hops drove the need for this functionality to be housed in the single-pane-of-glass view of the Cormant-CS DCIM tool.

“While MPO management might sound esoteric, it’s as critical a part of capacity management as rack unit availability,” stated Paul Goodison, Cormant CEO. “If you can’t supply the appropriate high-density connection, you probably can’t run your leading-edge server in that rack.”

MPO management is exclusively offered in the comprehensive Cormant-CS DCIM software suite at no extra charge. For more information on all the latest features of Cormant-CS, visit or contact for a demonstration.

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