Cormant-CS DCIM Upgrades to a Responsive HTML5 Interface with a new Console View

The Cormant-CS data center infrastructure management (DCIM) platform launches new usability features, continuing to simplify the management of IT infrastructure.

San Luis Obispo, Calif., USA – (March 31, 2015) – Cormant, Inc., a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) pure-play expert, today announced its latest features enhancing the ease-of-use and extending the reach of its popular DCIM software, Cormant-CS. The new functionality benefits enterprises of all sizes from tens of racks to tens of thousands of racks with a responsive HTML5 interface and new console views.

The updated web interface is intuitive with responsive design across all platforms and enables additional mobile functionality, beyond simple record updates. The console view now supports additional data segmentation and filtering, breadcrumbs, and unique page links. The new web console eases data management and analysis, particularly for large, multi-site enterprises. These enhancements further Cormant’s recognition as a leader in complete, powerful and easy-to-use DCIM.

Cormant-CS DCIM consolidates all IT infrastructure data into a single view for better management of data center assets, connections, and environmental data. It provides full configurability for ease-of-use to meet customer requirements.

“There is a need for better management of data center infrastructure, but that need must be filled by DCIM software that is intuitive or it runs the risk of not being used,” says Cormant’s CTO, Paul Friday. “We think hard about the ease-of-use of Cormant-CS DCIM because we know our customers don’t have time to constantly train new employees or refer back to manuals to do everyday tasks. We believe that easy-to-use software is the only way to deliver greater functionality.”

For more information on all the latest features of Cormant-CS, visit or contact for a demonstration.


About Cormant, Inc.

Cormant has been an expert at IT infrastructure management software for the data center (DCIM) and beyond since 2001. Boasting a 94% customer retention rate, Cormant’s solutions are sold globally with customers and partners on six continents encompassing all industries. Cormant is focused on working with customers to improve their management, control and reporting processes by delivering Cormant-CS, a DCIM solution that provides a single-pane-of-glass view to where the physical and logical layers of IT infrastructure meet. Learn more at and connect with us on LinkedIn.




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