IT Connectivity Management

In today’s data center, campus, or any IT environment, managing connectivity is a vital part of infrastructure management and DCIM. A single connection mistake can cause massive outages or a security breach. Poor records mean time and money are spent on checking ports and connections before changes are even planned and require more troubleshooting time when unexpected outages occur. Replace the inefficient tug-and-trace method and spreadsheet management with Cormant-CS.

Cormant-CS records the entire physical infrastructure, including power and data connectivity. Visual dashboards of port and connection capacity and historical trends present this information in the format required.

Data Connectivity: Any data connectivity can be stored regardless of type or number of connection points. Connection constraints are available to ensure length, type and services match standards in place. An important concept to Cormant-CS is the ability to store information about any type of network connection, including conduits between buildings and facilities, across all locations whether that is a data center, communications room, or office.

Power Connectivity: With power connections recorded Cormant-CS can show and confirm redundant paths from a device via a rack power rail back to the RPP, UPS and main supply. Power socket data can be used to confirm capacity when planning changes to ensure the right voltage and socket is available. With multiple power views available power, capacity can be shown based on nameplate rating, derated nameplate or actual power usage. Queries are used to confirm actual power consumption, down to the socket level (if supported).

MPO Connectors: Cormant-CS makes it easy to manage MPO connectors including, but not limited to hydra cables, MPO to LC breakout cables, devices with built-in MPO ports, and multiple intermediate hops. Read more about these capabilities here.

Conduits/Pathways: The Cormant-CS “conduit and pathways” functionality ensures that all inter-floor or inter-building cabling can be accurately recorded including capacity and fill information.

Mobile Change Management: All connectivity can be managed, viewed and updated on Cormant-CS mobile devices as well as the desktop and web. The Cormant-CS mobile solutions can use barcodes to identify individual cables. Changes planned on the Cormant-CS desktop or web can include direct moves down to the port level.

Audit: The Cormant-CS audit module enables fast and accurate comparison of recorded connectivity against the current physical connectivity. No cable tracing required!

Imports: A simple, powerful imports tool is available in Cormant-CS to ensure existing data or as-built records of connectivity and infrastructure can be imported.

For a list of features visit our Cormant-CS DCIM page.
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