DCOI Metrics

Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI)

Cormant-CS is an industry leading Data Center Infrastructure Management Solution with a global track record of successful deployments dating back to 2003.  Cormant-CS provides a full set of DCOI data points at the server, rack, data center and agency level, along with queries, calculations, roll up, reporting and dashboard widgets. The Cormant-CS DCOI package includes predefined goals that are used to track progress against the current federal standards.

The Cormant-CS Solution includes:

  • Open and flexible delivery of all metrics to support a wide range of data center instrumentation maturity levels.
  • DCOI metrics are delivered using Cormant’s unique configuration ability, meaning if the metrics or goals set by the government change, adjusting to the new metrics will not require a software update from Cormant.
  • Mobile device support with Barcode and RFID options allow agencies to collect, update and audit records to ensure accurate data at all times and to speed the initial deployment and further consolidation initiatives.
  • Support from the Cormant implementation and consulting teams including a strong data migration capability, to ensure each data center is up-and-running with Cormant DCIM quickly.


Energy Metering

  • Automatically identifies cabinets with power metering and collects power data.
  • As more racks are deployed they are automatically included.
  • Usable and gross floor area metering calculations are delivered.
  • Hierarchical roll up of location data to the agency level is automatic.


Facility Utilization

  • Support for all facilities spaces where IT assets are present including data centers, edge compute closets, termination rooms, labs and all other spaces.
  • Mobility, Workflow and multi-site support makes planning and executing consolidation straight forward and transparent.
  • Automatically accounts for newly added or removed racks in the calculation.
  • All data is tracked historically.


Power Use Effectiveness

  • Data for PUE calculations can be captured from multiple sources.
  • Proxy data for live power actual can be used as required to ensure every site can provide a metric.
  • Historical Reporting to show progress towards the DCOI goals over time.




  • Data is queried automatically from multiple virtualization managers such as VMWare ESX.
  • As new physical servers are deployed, virtualization statistics are automatically collected.
  • Allows for physical context of the virtual infrastructure for dependency mapping.
  • Manual update of virtual server counts is supports where required.


Automated Monitoring & Server Utilization

  • Cormant-CS collects data directly from servers or a consolidated data point.
  • Utilization Data is available for physical and virtual servers.
  • A new server deployment using Cormant-CS will automatically start monitoring.
  • Data center views with color coded racks will show progress to target.


Sample DCOI Comparison Summary Report