DCIM Success

Cormant-CS is a complete DCIM solution that delivers unmatched functionality, intuitive ease of use, and rapid return on investment.

  • First DCIM solution delivering success to customers for over 17 years.
  • Over 250 customers on 6 continents.
  • Over 1,000,000 assets under management.
  • Used by customers ranging from small, single site data centers, to global financial institutions with hundreds of sites across the globe.
  • Unmatched ROI and deployment speed.
  • Founder-led company with a strong dedication to customer success.

Success with Cormant

At Cormant we don’t think about DCIM as just software. We know that to ensure our customer’s success we need to deliver services and best practice knowledge to meet the DCIM goals.

Cormant-CS services flowCormant starts with a foundation of Cormant-CS along with optional interfaces and then provides each customer with the support, training, and services they need to ensure long-term success. We even go as far as guaranteeing a single price to deliver Cormant-CS in a useful state.

We know that DCIM is a journey, not a destination, and we are here to help when it comes time to expand the use or footprint of Cormant-CS.

“The system’s ease of use and mobility meant we knew we could roll this out to our teams and they would use it. This has proved to be the case and multiple teams now ‘self-serve’ using the Cormant-CS web.” – Mike Alexander, Implementation Manager in Data Center Facility Engineering at McKesson, 2014

Cormant-CS DCIM

Simple UI

You can intuitively use Cormant-CS with little to no training. The software provides seamless functionality across all platforms and allows full configuration to you and your organization’s requirements such as company-specific naming, plain English labels, and more. Configurable dashboards and alerts add to the simplicity with your vital information displayed upon login. It includes dynamic rack, floorplan, data center, building, or map views from past, present, or future data as well as alerts delivered to you in configurable formats.

Capacity Management

  • Reduce OpEx and CapEx.
  • Monitor and optimize connectivity, space, cooling and power at the equipment, rack or data center levels to reduce the need for expansion.
  • Plan new buildouts effectively with data visibility

IT Equipment Management

  • Manage the location, usage, lifecycle, and more of your physical infrastructure to enhance data accuracy.
  • Track only the data of interest and format it to your requirements.
  • Segregate access to information for security.
  • Integrate with your CMDB.


  • Stems from Cormant’s original CableSolve software solution since 2001.
  • Manage capacities such as port availability.
  • Document end-to-end connections and all data points.
  • Track specific services (i.e. VOIP, VLAN, etc.) per port to reduce errors.
  • Manage campus-wide cabling and connectivity.


  • Measure and manage data with intelligent alerts.
  • View or share reports with up-to-date, consolidated data for informed decision-making.

Power and Environmental Management

  • Monitor and optimize power and cooling use to save money and increase uptime.
  • Document end-to-end connections – including street to chip power channels.
  • Interface with BMS, UPS, PDU, CFD systems and more.

Workflow Change Management

  • Manage entire process of device change and deployment for reduced errors.
  • Align resources, teams, and processes for full collaboration, including blogging and task lists.
  • Identify optimal locations for new equipment.
  • Maintain records of historical data for compliance reporting.
  • Reserve space for future changes.
  • Integrate with your organization’s workflow and/or upstream ticket system.


  • Efficiently record changes at the site of the change for continued data accuracy from day 1 to day 1,000 and beyond.
  • Access Workflow and update tickets in the field.
  • Full support for barcodes and RFID.
  • Online and offline functionality for tablet or mobile handheld device usage in Wi-Fi limited locations.

With Cormant-CS you can:

  • Acquire and access information with mobile device, server, desktop, web, and API functionality for ease-of-use in one data center or multiple, global data centers.
  • Consolidate and standardize information into a single database: assets, locations, purchases, historical data, ownership data, support, connectivity, and configurations for data accuracy.
  • Configure nearly everything within the platform with templates and full scripting capabilities.
  • Increase uptime with enhanced visibility of IT infrastructure and connections.
  • Reduce OpEx and CapEx by optimizing capacities of both infrastructure and connections.
  • Streamline processes with Workflow management capabilities.

If you like to see some examples of Cormant Client Success, please click this link for a robust list of Cormant-CS case studies.

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