Cormant Mobility

“Cormant Mobility Makes DCIM Work”

Cormant DCIM is known for strong data configuration, change management, analytics, reporting and integration. To deliver reliable, useful information the data at the core of a DCIM must be very accurate. Cormant-CS mobile components ensure that any change is recorded when it happens, ensuring accurate data.

Cormant-CS mobility is included in the core solution and has been since 2003, delivering faster changes and closed loop change management. Mobile platforms provide full security and user authentication as well as data encryption to ensure enterprise data is secure.


                                          Cormant-CS Mobility is the Foundation of DCIM

  • At every stage of DCIM implementation and use, Cormant-CS mobility makes the process faster and the data more accurate, from implementation, through change execution, auditing and problem solving.
  • Cormant mobile options are complete create, read, update and delete devices that optionally use barcode and RFID tags for equipment and location identification.
  • When equipment is installed, removed or has a problem, data accuracy means Cormant-CS can cycle power and network ports on or off, with the assurance that the correct ports are being used.
  • Cormant-CS support the entire life cycle from dock to decommission and full equipment and connection history is available on every mobile device.


Unique Mobile Options

  • Cormant-CS supports both offline and online mobility.
  • Offline mobility is ideal for locations with no wireless access to the network or where security rules prohibit the use of wireless. It also ensures no dead-spots exist. Third party devices are used along with integrated barcode and RFID scanners.
  • Online mobility is provided on tablets and smartphones. Cormant-CS is unique in supporting the use of the device camera for 1D and 2D barcodes as well as Bluetooth barcode/RFID scanners.
  • For either option, any work done is logged and full permission support is provided.


                                                               Mobility Outside the Data Center

Cormant-CS supports many non-data center customers across the world, including universities, cities and the armed forces. Mobility for these customers can extend across a building, campus or a city.

Cormant mobility extends to managing conduits and their contents, vertical and horizontal pathways and intersection points as well as IT equipment of any type in any location.



Cormant-CS offers a unique blend of configuration flexibility, data management options and comes as a single complete solution, providing assurance of a solution that can grow with your enterprise.

Cormant has been providing DCIM and Campus infrastructure management solutions since 2003 and has hundreds of customers on five contents, ranging from a few racks to tens of thousands.

Cormant’s dedicated staff can help tailor the right package of software and services for you and will then deliver a fully implemented solution to your enterprise. Contact Cormant for a personal evaluation of your needs and tailored live product demonstration.

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