Complete Connectivity Management

“Record your entire physical infrastructure with visual dashboards & historical trends.”

Managing connectivity is a vital part of infrastructure management and DCIM. A single connection mistake can cause massive outages or a security breach. Poor records mean time is spent on connection checking before a change is planned.

Cormant-CS records all connections and provides capacity analysis, incorrect connection warning, redundancy analysis and capacity recovery with incomplete connection data.

Connectivity management is supported in Campus environments with full conduit support.

                                                                   Data Connectivity

  • All data connectivity can be recorded including copper, fiber, SAN and management networks. All connection types are supported, including high-density MPO fiber connectivity.
  • Unlimited connection hops are supported which is useful for campus environments. Warnings are provided – to relevant standards – if excessive or incorrect connections are attempted.
  • Port types, including physical and logical characteristics drive workflow planning for adding devices with suggested, ranked locations based on device needs.


Power Connectivity

  • Full circuit analysis is possible including actual and historical port, rack and panel loads based on connections recoded and plate and actual power data.
  • Socket types are recorded to ensure the right rack is selected.
  • Redundancy analysis is available from a UPS to all devices showing those without redundant power.
  • Power connectivity is planned along side data connectivity in workflow.


Supporting Connectivity Management

  • All connectivity records, including original test data can be imported to quickly build the connectivity data.
  • Changes to connectivity are fully supported on both offline and online mobile devices capturing change as it is made, not by trying to decipher hand written notes.
  • Optional use of cable barcodes allows for highly accurate and rapid auditing and supports inventory management efforts and reduces risk of incorrect change.
  • Campus E-911 compliance is assisted by Cormant-CS data.
  • With connection data recorded, lights out operation and remote power cycle of devices is achievable.
  • Cormant-CS supplies hundreds of connection templates for all cable and port/socket/connector types.


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