RFP Template

Cormant understands how complex DCIM evaluations can be, each DCIM vendor has an array of functionality and pricing models which can make a true “apples to apples” comparison challenging for customers.

For organizations considering a DCIM project, we encourage you to speak directly to a Cormant  Sales Consultant, you may be surprised to learn that a full RFP process is not needed to deploy Cormant-CS.  If you have less than 100 Racks, you will spend more time and money on the DCIM RFP evaluation than you will on the DCIM project, Cormant has seen it again and again!  Just give us a call or send us an email and let’s fast track your deployment!

For larger deployments Cormant is happy to provide a vendor neutral DCIM RFP document that covers all functionality that a proper DCIM solution should include.

Cormant has created 2 versions of this DCIM RFP :

  • Version 1 of the RFP includes over 200 RFP evaluation requirements, the ability to set user defined priorities for all requirements with a built in scoring and vendor summary aggregation
  • Version 2 of the RFP is a simpler version that does not include the scoring columns or vendor aggregation tabs, but still includes over 200 evaluation questions and the ability to prioritize each evaluation criteria.

Version 1 RFP – With Scoring Cells

Version 2 RFP – No Scoring