Cormant-CS is the data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution for all data centers including owned, co-lo, and edge data centers and beyond (cable plant management, campus, etc.).

For a 5 minute demo of Cormant-CS, please click here to view our CS demo video.

Cormant-CS Brochure
View and print the Cormant-CS product brochure for data centers and campuses


The impactful features and screenshots from our latest release!

Cormant-CS Case Studies
Learn about Cormant-CS (formerly CableSolve) deployments and their effects


Cormant-CS quick overview including Cormant’s response¬†to common DCIM barriers.


Enhance your knowledge of DCIM, infrastructure management, connectivity management and more!

Best Practices
How to properly label your connections and IT infrastructure.


Read insights from the experts who have been doing DCIM since before it was called “DCIM.”


Cormant-CS & DCIM FAQs
List of frequently asked questions


“DCIM is a journey,” but what does that mean? Find out the steps in the journey and what you can expect in this infographic.
View and download the presentations Cormant has given at various conferences and functions.


Top DCIM Evaluation Questions
Important questions to ask a DCIM vendor.


White Papers
Cormant offers a series of free white papers about factors in DCIM and asset tracking.