DCIM Made Easy is the Topic of Conversation in the latest Cormant-CS Case Study Titled, “Small Team, Big Results”

Our newest Cormant case study titled “Small Team, Big Results”, is now available, showcasing the implementation and deployment process of Cormant-CS at an American-based global data analytics and risk management firm serving customers worldwide in insurance, energy, financial services and other specialized markets by providing data analytic insights to help make better more focused decisions that minimize risk and maximize value.

Cormant-CS was selected by the company after a thorough DCIM market evaluation and a key decision criteria was how straightforward and easy to use it was. The measured annual ROI for the project was approximately $70,000, including a saving of staff time estimated to be 1,300 hours per year.

As the customer project leader said, “Cormant-CS won’t solve the world’s problems but it certainly has solved our data center infrastructure management problem. This was DCIM made easy!” Gus, Data Center Manager.


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Fixed Price Projects

Director of Professional Services, Brad Beamish, discusses Cormant’s Guaranteed Price Project Solution.

To reduce the perception customers have that DCIM deployments are complex, uncertain and excessively long Cormant has been quoting many DCIM deployment projects recently with guaranteed pricing.  … Read more →

Cormant-CS Delivers Power Management Capabilities

The latest release of the Cormant-CS DCIM solution now includes additional out-of-the-box support for real time power and environmental queries.  With queried data available in Cormant-CS, users can configure reports, dashboards and alerts based on the desired threshold.  … Read more →

A View from Data Center Worlds – USA and UK

In March various members of the Cormant team presented Cormant DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) at Data Center World San Antonio, TX, USA and Data Center World London, UK. Over two days at each event we met, literally, hundreds of people and had some great conversations. The DCIM (and beyond) interest at both shows was greater than we have previously seen, and in many cases those conversations were with people who already knew why they want DCIM. … Read more →

What I Have Come to Understand About DCIM

A personal note from Steve Allegretti.

2017 was another learning year for me in the world of DCIM.   All of the private companies I spoke with last year had the same basic challenges of:

  • Optimizing Asset Management
  • Efficiently Monitoring Power and Environmental Factors
  • Creating Relevant Alerts
  • Change Management Best Practices
  • Streamlining Report Functionality

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How User Friendly Is Cormant-CS, Really?

As a newby to the DCIM industry and a recent onboard as a Cormant Software Solutions Consultant, I am honored to have the opportunity to share my experience learning and applying the Cormant-CS software solution to my first project à Document the Cormant HQ Office in San Luis Obispo, CA using the Cormant-CS software solution with approximately 14 days of experience under my belt. … Read more →

Cormant Live from the GSA DCOI Summit


Brad Beamish, Director of Professional Services, shares his experience.

“I attended the first ever GSA DCOI (Data Center Optimization Initiative) summit held in Washington DC on November 20th, 2017 with my colleague, Steve Allegretti. … Read more →