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Paul Goodison

Paul Goodison has more than two decades of experience managing major IT projects across the globe and has first-hand experience with the consequences of poorly managed infrastructure in large IT environments. Paul managed IT infrastructure across Asia, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines. Realizing that portability is the critical key to solving the challenge of IT infrastructure management, namely ensuring records are updated and trusted, Paul and two of his colleagues were inspired to found Cormant, which subsequently developed Cormant-CS. Cormant is focused on working with customers to improve their management, control and reporting processes by delivering a solution that provides a single-pane-of-glass view to where the physical and logical layers of IT infrastructure meet. He believes that every data center requires an IT physical layer infrastructure management solution. Paul travels the globe extensively and is based in the U.S., having previously lived in the Philippines, Europe, Singapore, and the UK.