Cormant Expands List of DCIM Integration Connectors with Updated Middleware

Cormant-EDIS middleware provides significant DCIM integration cost and time savings.

San Luis Obispo, Calif., USA – (Jan 12, 2016) – Cormant, Inc., a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) pure-play expert for the data center and beyond, today announced its brand new ‘2.0’ Middleware platform; Cormant-EDIS (External Data Integration Service). The updated platform includes connectors that make it faster than ever for customers to leverage the flow of data between existing systems.

Cormant has aggressively developed Cormant-EDIS to simplify the cost and duration of system integrations. With Cormant-EDIS, little to no programming is required; it facilitates bi-directional information exchange and establishes business rules for that exchange.

“Customers who had replaced their previous data center tools with Cormant-CS were always amazed at how quickly we completed integrations,” explained Paul Friday, Cormant’s Chief Technology Officer. “We’ve now taken it to an entirely new level with more intuitive mapping, logging, and syncing. We’ve programmed complex code so customers don’t have to when they use our integration connectors.”

Cormant-EDIS can deliver a greater range of integrations than its Middleware predecessor, introduced in 2009. The updates have allowed Cormant to nearly double its Cormant-CS connectors in the past year. Though Cormant-CS has always been able to easily integrate with any solution because of its built-in SNMP, WMI and XML scripting as well as an open API, connectors are a way for customers to integrate in a fraction of the time.

“Customer needs were simpler in 2009; back then, we mainly integrated with CMDBs or an occasional financial solution,” explained Cormant’s CEO, Paul Goodison. “Today, DCIM’s value goes beyond visibility. DCIM has the unique ability to share different, yet related information with many other systems in a faster, more flexible way.”

The most popular Cormant-EDIS connectors are for the leading BMS, ITSM, and CMDB systems, as well as those for power management and all types of sensors. However, Cormant offers connectors for CRM’s, financial systems, and many more to round out its library. Visit Cormant’s integration page to see the up-to-date list.

About Cormant, Inc.

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