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    Dynamic views and real-time updates of all equipment and connections.

The Cormant-CS DCIM suite is designed to manage the entire IT Infrastructure, including facilities, equipment, network paths, power and environmental data.
Assets and Connectivity
Cormant-CS's asset and connectivity tracking ensure every asset is recorded and any type of connection, power or data, is managed no matter how complex.
Access Anywhere
Cormant-CS offers mobile access to information from any location. Our Windows Mobile software enables offline access plus instant identification using barcodes or RFID.

CableSolve Configurability
Cormant-CS is completely configurable and vendor neutral; it can manage any infrastructure regardless of type, with precisely the data fields your organization demands.
Cormant-CS utilizes SNMP, XML and CLI to integrate with any network enabled devices in your infrastructure. Cormant-CS also offers a read/write API for intersystem integrations.
Trusted Data
Combining mobility and configurability means data you can trust. Capacity planning and work-flow life cycle management just got a whole lot less stressful.


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